Root Canals

  • W Dental

At W Dental, our root canal procedures help save patients' teeth. The infected or damaged soft tissue inside the tooth (that contains nerves and blood vessels) is removed, and the inside is cleaned and sealed during a root canal. This procedure is typically performed to save a severely decayed or infected tooth, and it can prevent the need for an extraction. Our root canal procedure is safe and is performed under local anesthesia by our dentists. Root canals offer several benefits to our patients:

Pain Relief

At W Dental, a root canal can alleviate the pain and sensitivity from an infected or damaged tooth.

Saves Teeth

Root canal therapy allows the tooth to be saved rather than extracted, thereby preserving the natural appearance and function of the tooth.

Prevents Infection

A root canal can remove bacteria and infected tissue from inside the tooth, preventing further infection and the spreading of bacteria to other teeth.

Long-Term Gain

A root canal is a long-term solution that can help to prevent the need for future dental work on the affected tooth.


Our dentists at W Dental believe a root canal is often more cost-effective than having the tooth extracted and replaced with an artificial tooth.

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