Wisdom Teeth Extractions

  • W Dental

Extraction of the third molars (often known as wisdom teeth) from the back of the jaw is a standard dental procedure performed at W Dental. Typically emerging in late adolescence or early adulthood, wisdom teeth can cause discomfort, infection, or impaction (when the tooth cannot emerge from the gums fully). Our dentists at W Dental perform the extractions, and our patients can typically resume normal activities within a few days to a week following surgery. At W Dental, we see numerous benefits to our patients by extracting wisdom teeth:

Prevents Overcrowding

Wisdom teeth can displace other teeth, causing bite problems and making it difficult to clean the rest of your teeth properly.

Relieves Pain & Infection

When wisdom teeth do not fully emerge or are challenging to clean, they can cause pain and infection.

Prevents Potential Cysts 

Wisdom teeth that do not fully emerge can develop cysts, which can cause damage to the jawbone and adjacent teeth.

Makes Orthodontic Treatment Easier 

The extraction of wisdom teeth can facilitate orthodontic treatment by allowing the movement of other teeth.

Our dentists at W Dental understand that not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth extracted. We recommend removal only if they are causing problems or have the potential to do so in the future.

To determine whether wisdom teeth extraction is appropriate for you, please book a consultation at W Dental here.